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Abortion debate continues to divide younger citizens

To some, abortion can either be a life saver or a horrible choice. Pregnant women sometimes get abortions because of accidental pregnancies, rape, incest, financial issues, lack of physical or mental preparation, and other factors. However, some people believe that abortion kills an innocent child.
In 1973, the landmark decision, Roe v. Wade, allowed women to have a constitutional right to abortion. However, recently in 2022, In Dobbs v. Jackson, the supreme court overturned the decision and allowed states to create their own laws on abortion. In Indiana, they passed an abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy, excluding rape or incest.
Senior Layla Wheeler said, “Women have the right to choose since it is their own body.” She believes that some people aren’t in the position to have kids and should be able to go through with having an abortion.
However, sophomore Elizabeth Molina said, “It shouldn’t be done because you are killing innocent life.” She believes that the babies that have been aborted didn’t have anything to do with the mistake of them being made.
“I think there should be a law that the government should let women choose whether they should have an abortion or not,” Wheeler said. She thinks the government should not continue regulating abortions.
“Depending on the situation, I think she has the right to choose if she wants to have an abortion. But I think there should always be consequences for your actions.” If Wheeler were to have a future daughter, based on the situation, she thinks it should be her daughters’ choice if she considered having an abortion.
Molina takes a stricter stance. “I think the government should allow abortions only for those who have been raped and stuff like that but the rest shouldn’t be able to get an abortion.” Molina believes that babies shouldn’t suffer because of parents’ problems.
“I would tell [a woman considering abortion] that she should go through with the pregnancy, she could put it up for adoption or I could help take care of the baby.” Elizabeth wouldn’t allow her future daughter to get an abortion but would be willing to help out with the child.
Even though the Supreme Court has ruled that abortion policy should be decided by states, the debate does not appear to be resolved among our younger generations.



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