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Quinn Jones 12th Grade - (Senior)
Pronouns - They/Them

“I was posted on it in November. … I felt it was just a way for them to get their anger out. “
We asked if they feel the page should be taken down.  “Yeah, I think there’s really no point behind it except to gossip and for people to spread rumors.” They responded

Students harassed by anonymous Instagram pages

In the age of social media, where every aspect of students’ lives seems to be laid bare for public intake, high school drama finds new avenues of expression. Among the many Instagram accounts dedicated...

Freshman Eric Rosas Santiago uses his phone in class.

Principal Shimer comments on upcoming phone ban

Jayden "JK" Kulali, Reporter April 24, 2024

Starting July 1 students across Indiana will no longer be able to use their phones in school. The governor signed a new law banning cell phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices except for educational...

Total solar eclipse comes to Anderson

Total solar eclipse comes to Anderson

Kaylynn McIntosh, Reporter April 24, 2024

The total solar eclipse was on April 8. There were alot of places where one could have watched the eclipse in Anderson. A lot of people were scared of the eclipse because conspiracy theorists on the internet...

Juniors to elect Class of 2025 officers

Walter Butler, Reporter April 10, 2024

This week, Jacob Perry and Wuraola Olorunfemi will be running against each other for class president, with voting on April 10. Here are the two candidates, and how they plan to help our school. When...

Teen crimes rising in Anderson and across the country

Teen crimes rising in Anderson and across the country

Erick Rosas, Reporter March 15, 2024

Recently more and more crimes involving teenagers are happening across the U.S. Block parties are part of the reason for this increase. There have been more shootings and some teens have been shot and...

This is a picture of Joseph Elam walking through the metal detectors.

Anderson High School becomes more strict with bag checks

Kaylynn McIntosh, Reporter March 15, 2024

At Anderson High School we often have bag checks. Some of the students hate it when we do bag checks  because they have to take Chromebooks out and walk through the metal detectors. If the detector goes...

Indian Head flooring, before and after.

Students worry about Indian mascot being phased out

The Indian has been the mascot for Anderson High School since the late 1930s or early 1940s. The mascot was made as a tribute to Chief Anderson of the Delaware Indian Tribe. However, students at AHS have...

Students in Mr. Billers class practice an active shooter drill.

School districts try different approaches to school shootings

Erick Rosas, Reporter February 12, 2024

School shootings have been increasing within recent years. Many students have been killed because of these shootings. Some factors that influence school shootings are bullying, cyber-bullying, or bad mental...

Flag feature of varsity winter guard show.

Color guard performs first winter competition

Zaydia Porter, Reporter February 10, 2024

Anderson High School’s Winter Guard team had their first competition of the 2024 season on January 20 at Plainfield High School. The team has put a lot of work into their show “Under Pressure” and...

Students Respond: When should we cancel school?

Students Respond: When should we cancel school?

Jayden "JK" Kulali, Reporter February 5, 2024

During winter, many school districts will cancel or delay the start of classes due to weather. During the month of January alone, we have had four two-hour delays. Despite the districts careful attention...

The CATS terminal after the fire. Photo from The Herald Bulletin.

Old bus station catches fire

Jayden Kulali, Reporter January 30, 2024

The former CATS bus station caught on fire early in the morning on December 19, 2023. Anderson firefighters came through and saw the blaze. They worked quickly to put out the fire with water. The old bus...

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