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Who We Are

AHS Student News is the hub for school-related news published by AHS students for the Anderson community. This publication is run as part of the newspaper class at AHS, but will feature content from TribeCast and other student media publications.

Anderson Student New’s Mission Statement

Anderson Student New’s purpose is to communicate the day-to-day news and life of our school. The students are our main concentration and focus. We are going to bring lots of information and opinions by interviewing students and cross-promoting to gain our data. Another one of our focuses is to bring more traffic to our site and inform the media on our daily reporting.

Tribecast’s Mission Statement

Tribecast wants to be seen as a consistent and professional community that aims to engage and inform AHS students, staff, and parents through our online presence. We want to be accessible and welcoming by representing members of our community in our broadcasts.



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