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Students game their way to success

For fans of the hit multiplayer games Overwatch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Fortnite, E-sports at Anderson High School may seem appealing. In E-sports, students play games and practice to get good at gameplay. Some uncommon words people might hear in the E-sports room are Techs, ledge grabbing, F-smash, Down-smash, and Up-smash. These words may be confusing to newcomers, but veteran players are there to help them out.

In e-sports we like to play some games, have some fun but we also like to get competitive once in a while.

The 3 games that we play currently are Overwatch 2, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

You can play all kinds of games during practice time, it’s typically devoted to the game you want to play. 

There’s a lot of rules. We like to call it the Code of Conduct, which is a few page document that explains the basics: don’t leave food everywhere, don’t cuss, stuff like that.

E-sports is where players go to play video games competitively on a national scale where we go against teams from all across the state. Overwatch won nationals last year.

What makes e-sports unique, I feel, is that even though it is a sport, it is not athletic. We like to incorporate the players as much as any other sport. We like to go to events for fun, give some food to [the players]

The most important quality in the esports team is communication. You have to be able to talk with other players, coaches, and the other team you’re fighting with. 

I’ve played all 3 games. My favorite character for Smash Bros. is Little Mac, the best in the game in my personal opinion. For overwatch, I’d probably say I like the feeling of Baptiste. 

There is a lot of stress tied to it with setting up the matches, setting up the tournaments, the budgeting, the accounting. There’s a lot behind the scenes but I love seeing the players thrive from what I do. 

E-sports is healthy, not in the sense that it is active, because the only thing movie is your hands.  But is it definitely healthy communication-wise, because some people are more introverted and esports lets them get a nice community of people to go to whenever they need something. 

I’ve been on every team on esports since I’ve joined at least once. 

Esports can help prepare for college because of the fact taht we give good leadership skills and we give good reflexes if they want to play any other sport. We also allow for scholarship opportunities as we have colleges come out and scout out players. 

We had a player last year who graduated last year who is already on the varsity team up at Purdue- Fort Wayne. 

They scholarships you can get depends on the school. Manchester, ITT, Ball State, Purdue have esports programs. 

Scholarships range from 1000-10000 per year depending on what game you play or how good you are. 


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