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The Greatest Beatles Movies Ranked

The Beatles are one of the most influential bands in music history. While they are known for their talent in singing and songwriting that’s not all they gave us, they gave us a multitude of movies. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Beatles movies. These movies are beloved by fans all across the world. Enjoy revisiting The Beatles most outstanding movies. 


    5. How I Won The War

 John Lennon starring alone in this film. This movie is for all the John Lennon lovers. It steers clear of their usual movie criteria and doesn’t feature any of their songs. How I Won The War really shows John’s natural acting ability. Since John isn’t with the other Beatles in this film we see that John had an interest in doing things without his bandmates. 

An illustration of John Lennon posing with a bird on his hat with a war going on in the background.
John Lennon’s movie poster for How I Won The War.

    4. The Beatles: Get Back 

The Beatles here are pictured as their real authentic selves. There’s no acting, it’s their raw personalities. We see behind the scenes footage of how they wrote songs, who they were friends with, and how they treated each other. You really get to know each individual Beatle in Get Back. There’s sadness, happiness, tiredness and it really shows that they  are human beings too, not just some big celebrity that nothing bad ever happens to them. 

All of The Beatles playing for their rooftop concert. With Ringo on drums, Paul on bass, John on guitar, and George also on guitar.
The Beatles playing for their last concert on the rooftop in 1969.

     3. A Hard Day’s Night

 A Hard Day’s Night, their first movie. For all you old Beatles fans you’ll definitely know this one. An all black and white movie, it’ll bring you back to your childhood when you were looking at The Beatles through your TV screen on the Ed Sullivan Show. It showcases most of their songs on the album A Hard Day’s Night of course. If you’re an early Beatles fan this movie is for you.


An illustration of the beatles for their movie A Hard Day's Night. All The Beatles are all pictured on the left side.
The Beatles first ever movie poster for A Hard Day’s Night.

    2. Help!

The Beatles standing in blue outfits doing poses for their album cover Help! which is also their movie poster.
The Beatles album cover and movie poster for the movie Help!

Help! is all in color, so if you find old black and white movies unwatchable give this one a try. The plot just reels you in, making you want to keep watching more and more. It’s very fun, exciting, and just makes you fall in love with The Beatles all over again. The film has very loveable characters and really funny moments.

    1. Magical Mystery Tour 

All The Beatles standing in the center of the picture putting their hands up with a colorful background and stars everywhere.
The Beatles in there Magical Mystery Tour outfits for their movie.

Finally number 1, Magical Mystery Tour. It feels like a fever dream while watching. The Beatles made this movie themselves, most of it improvised which is what makes it an amazing watch. Since it’s improvised you can see all of The Beatles’ individual acting skills. The film is very colorful and joyous. It’s a very interesting watch, but that’s what makes it such a fun watch.


All The Beatles are very talented on their own, but when they all act together it just makes the movie. They all support one another in their own way. Seeing The Beatles act together you can really see the mark they left. Hearing their songs being played while watching them on TV is just a surreal feeling. 


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