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Top 3 Most Binge-Worthy Series’ for teens to watch when bored.

3. Outer Banks

Teens crave an escape from reality

Many teens are attracted to shows that allow them to escape reality.  From going to Charleston to a deserted island, viewers enjoy this unique show based on the venturous intensity, and the plot twists that are included. The Pogues going through the many obstacles while in search of the gold allows the teens to forget their own realities, which makes the show all the more enjoyable.

The group of the five friends, or the Pogues. All sitting and laughing on a small boat in a river.
The Pogues’ deeply cherish their friendship.

Eye-catching plot

Consisting of a group of friends who call themselves the Pogues. Opposite from the Kooks, who are rich and high class adolescents. The main friend of the group, John B, has a strong curiosity towards a treasure hunt after his father had gone missing from attempting to look for it. Risking their own and the lives of others, the Pogues go through a long journey to find the gold. Including traveling without permission, running from the police, romantic relationship issues, and more.  

Positive influence

Regardless of the fact that the Pogues were rebellious adolescents. The group of friends never gave up on their mission to find the gold, even after many conflicts and risks, in the end they found their gold. The thrilling determination of the Pogues’ journey to find the gold, shows viewers the importance of consistency to success. Which is crucial for young teens to know since they are still figuring out who they are. Knowing this fact allows them to be motivated for their goals in life. 

2. Stranger Things

Positive relationships

Within this show, the importance of love, friendship, and family is shown throughout the seasons. Often we see the characters fighting for each other physically and emotionally. Stranger Things teaches the audience the sacrifices that need to be made for friends and family, (and all of Hawkins, Indiana). Risking their lives, the group of teens would never save Hawkins alone. Whether in the same state or not, they face the obstacles together. Proving to teens that positive relationships with family and friends lead to great outcomes.

A group of five young teens lined up in a triangle formation. The one in front is El, on her face is a mad expression. And the friends behind her all look at her with a confused face.
The group of friends never goes through a fight alone.

Feeling the vibe 

The 80’s feeling the viewers tend to receive from watching the show keeps the audience hooked to the show. Due to the success of the show, many people have turned back into the 1980’s fashion and music style. The show is also meant to be before cellular phones were invented, reminding the viewers what the lifestyle was like with telephones and radios. Now, teens can live what they have missed during the 80’s and feel the vibe coming from the show. 

Emotionally connected

Fans feel emotionally connected to the Stranger Things show. Watching the cast grow up as fans are growing up along with them. Although the seasons take years to release, fans stay true to their favorite show. Watching the characters go through adventures and fighting off the evil within their world, they feel as though they too are there with the group. Which proves the series has done a great job with production enough to connect fans emotionally to the characters. 


1. The Hunger Games

Reflecting challenges

Most young adolescents have trouble figuring who they are and what they want to do in life. The Hunger Games movies’ display strong emotions from young teens, which can relate to teens in our modern society. Aside from the vicious murders caused by a lack of choice, teens see themselves in the series’ based on how it displays the situations that restrict teens from finding the potential they have among themselves. 

Katniss Everdeen, in a stance holding her bow and arrow ready to shoot. The crowd in the back is waiting for Everdeen to execute the ex-president.
Katniss Everdeen has become a great role-model for many young women.

Blooming voice 

Katniss is an independent, brave woman. Across all 12 districts, starvation is the most common problem.  She hunts to provide for her family, risking her life every day due to the fact that it’s illegal, and punishable by death. She protects her little sister, Prim, by volunteering for her spot in the games.  Although the film contains romance, Katniss prioritizes her family’s well being rather than focusing on her love life. The films inspire young women to be more independent and be unreliable on men. “She inspired me to stand up for what I believe in” said Susan, a young woman who explains how Katniss Everdeen encouraged her to become more motivated in everyday activities. 

Quality effort

The extraordinary that occurred from within the arena were real stunts from the actors. Most of the intensity from the stunts and the scenery were real. The commitment put into the films never went to waste, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence (actors of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark) had the most intense training out of the whole cast. Hutcherson went on a strict diet and gained 15 pounds of muscle. Meanwhile Lawrence stayed true to her cardio work. The dedication of the set is easily seen, which makes the movies all the better. 

The inspirational and raw footage of The Hunger Games movies makes this in fact the best series for teens to watch when they find themselves to be bored.  It positively inspires society to be more independent, and has the extra effort allowing the films to be successful worldwide. Which makes the films educational and a good influence for teens. 

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