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Juniors to elect Class of 2025 officers

The first annual Tribecast class presidential debate, featuring candidates Wuraola Olorunfemi and Jacob Robert Perry, moderated by Dylan Goode and Anthony Taliaferro.

This week, Jacob Perry and Wuraola Olorunfemi will be running against each other for class president, with voting on April 10. Here are the two candidates, and how they plan to help our school.

When the two were asked why they wanted to be class president, Perry said, “I want to be president because I’m tired of seeing our students fail, and I’m tired of seeing students with a lack of knowledge of what’s going on, and I feel like with what I’m wanting to implement, I’ll be able to fix those problems.”

As for Olorunfemi, she said, “I want to be class president because I want to make school a better place and I want to make school fun for people. I like being the leader and taking charge of things.”

Wuraola Olorunfemi advertising for her campaign.

Perry said he plans on expanding on the peer tutoring program, saying, “most of the students have no idea that they can get all the help they need right here at the school.” He also wants to help make announcements more known throughout the school. 

Olorunfemi said she wanted to make school a better place for people, saying, “I want to change the way people view school. I want to have more spirit days, I want pep rallies to be longer, and I want more sports teams to be recognized for what they do.” She also plans on making homecoming more fun for the students. 

Perry said he thinks he would be a good president because of his “unique perspective and [his] life experiences.”

“As a journalist, I am constantly looking for what the public needs and wants the most, and what can benefit them. And I feel that perspective is something that a lot of prior class presidents didn’t think of, because I know some only wanted it for the scholarship opportunities. I also feel that my medical struggles prove my relatability.” 

He also said he wants to fight for the people, saying, “I’m constantly fighting for the people, and there’s a saying that we used in Tribecast: ‘Don’t assign anything to anyone that you’re not willing to do yourself.’ This quality is called servant leadership.

“And if it boils down to it, I am willing to do everything that would be going on,” Perry added.

Olorfunfemi, on the other hand, said, “I’m really good at talking to people. I make connections easily and I have a good personality, and I like to work with other people. I’m also open-minded, I’m an athlete, which also comes with a lot of discipline.”

Jacob Perry walking down the hallway.

Perry has some issues he wants to target if he is elected.  “Corruption in general. I want to get along with the staff as much as possible, but if I want to take it from a journalistic point of view. I’m probably gonna have to fight with the staff occasionally, and I’m willing to get my hands dirty as long as I feel it’s best for the students, so I wanna stray from just being the staff pet.”

Olorfunfemi, on the other hand, wants to stray away from being seen as a boss. “I don’t want to be seen as too overbearing. I want people to think of me as their friend, and not their president.”

On April 9, both running mates will appear in a debate on TribeCast. You can also find more about the running mates and their beliefs on their instagram pages. Perry’s is: jrpahs25president. Olorfunfemi’s is: wura_gold26. As for who to vote for, that is up to you on who you think will make the better president.

Candidates for down-ballot races are as follows:

External Vice-President: Brycen Carter and Arwen Stump (Click here for their debate)

Internal Vice-President: Leanne Sylvia

Public Relations: Jesiah Harris and Conner Spolyar

Treasurer: Ja’ryah Fuse, Jaylin Hernandez, and Austin French


Juniors can click here to vote before April 12!

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