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The Student Handbook Conflicts with Reality


    The student handbook lays out the rules and regulations of Anderson High School and it should be followed carefully. However, there have been many offenses that are supposed to be prohibited in the school, and yet students see them almost daily in the hallways and classrooms.

    Insults, profanity, and racial slurs are common occurrences at the school, despite being prohibited in the student handbook. A reason that students and staff are still hearing these terms is because there are too many instances to monitor and report to the deans.

    There is a big disconnect between Teachers and deans, where teachers are not reporting students. This can be started by teachers not taking some violations of the student handbook seriously and not reporting them, or Deans don’t take the teacher’s idea of what’s “breaking the rules” seriously enough and so the teachers don’t want to send down anymore students.

    Yelling/running in the halls is punishable by the deans, depending on how disruptive it is. For example: Just running to class is fine and a student may only be told to slow down. However, if they were to run into someone, then the student can be put in more trouble such as iss or even suspension.

    Deans have the power to deal out punishments to students who are breaking the student handbook rules on the spot. If they spot a student not following the rules of the student handbook, they can immediately hand out the appropriate punishment which could range from a warning, all the way to suspension.

    The way school staff can work on facing issues that shouldn’t be in the school in the first place is by working together. The way some teachers don’t report students and some deans don’t find some issues serious is something that gets in the way of proper work. A new choice to get around this problem could be a revision of the student handbook so the staff can understand it better and be more on side with its rules like updating the dress code for example.

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