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Penny Wars has begun

With spirit week starting on September 11, A fundraiser called Penny wars will go with it as a fun and competitive way to raise money for the school. Many people may not know what penny wars is so I asked The student class president, Connor King, and the Public Relations officer, Jacob Rust a few questions about how Penny wars operates.

“Penny wars is a competition that allows the classes to compete during spirit week,” said Connor King, who spent over $100 last year on Penny wars.

During every lunch there are 4 bins for each class which have your class color and year on them and you can bring coins and/or cash to put into your certain class bin. Pennies are 1 point, A dollar is 100 points, two dollars are 200 points and so on.
Silver coins are negative points however and that’s what you want to put in other class’s bins which is what makes it fun.

“Last year we raised $3,000 which was the most they’ve ever raised on this. It’s because the Juniors and the Seniors last year went insane. They were going at each other for about two days straight at the very end,”

Jacob Rust finds the competitiveness of it to be very exciting.

“and that’s what makes it fun, the last couple days when it’s getting down to the wire and a lot of people are wanting to win the penny war because it’s good points for the class competitions.”

He also thinks it will be better this year because the Sophmores and Freshman will participate more.

“I would say it’s gonna be better this year, I think that class spirits like the seniors have great class spirit this year, I think the juniors have great class spirit,I think the sophmores do, I haven’t seen the Freshman quite yet since they’re new so i think it will be more of a competition throughout the school and not just the top upper class like the juniors and seniors like it has been so that’s what makes me excited to think that it will be a lot more of a competition, a lot more fun.”
Now while Jacob enjoys the competition the most, Connor King likes raising money for the school and helping the student council out.

“I like to put my money into the jars, all the money goes to student council and homecoming so that’s very useful for us and I think that it’s helpful and I enjoy it because I know the money is going to a good place and it’s fun to try to have my class win”

“Last year I spent I think throughout the week I probably put over a hundred dollars, not just in our bin, I put money in other grade’s bins to subtract their points.”

Finally, Connor and Jacob had some tips to give as a send off:

“Bring all your pennies, get ready, it’s gonna be exciting, homecoming game’s gonna be fun, homecoming dance gonna be fun, it’s gonna be a good homecoming week.” Said Jacob Rust.

And Connor King suggests:

“Put all of your dollar bills and all of your pennies in the senior bin to add points to us and all the silver coins subtract so make sure to put those in your own bins if you enjoy letting the seniors win”

So I hope the article gave you some more information about Penny Wars and I wish you the best of luck with winning but just a quick reminder: Remember to
have fun, spend your money safely and responsibly, and if you don’t win, don’t be a bad sport and just enjoy the competition.

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