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Resources for homelessness in Anderson

In Anderson Indiana there are many people that are homeless. In 2018 there were 125 homeless people.

There are so many places where homeless people could go for help: there are food pantries, homeless shelters, and other aid organizations. They can go to the Christian Center, the Salvation Army, Ole Bob’s House, etc. However, it is difficult for people who are experiencing homelessness to know where to go for help or what to do next. The Christian Center is open 24 hours and is located 625 Main St. in Anderson. The Salvation Army is open 9am to 12pm on the weekends, Saturday they are closed and Sunday 2-2:30pm. The Ole Bob’s House is opened 24 hours and it is located 2705 Pearl St. Anderson, In.

An Anderson man was homeless for about 4 weeks because his mom left him to fend for himself. 

‘’ It was really hard for me because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. At age 19 was when I became homeless. I didn’t know when I would have a meal again. I had to stay under a bridge. “

When you see people that are homeless you should never think it’s funny because they are having a hard time. They don’t know where they have to stay or when they will be able to get food again. People that are homeless are struggling badly. They have nowhere to stay, and have to live on the streets.  

The Anderson man said what changed him from not being homeless longer was getting a job. He said I was grateful when the boss where I worked gave me a job. 

“When I got enough money I bought a house and the Anderson man said if you are homeless there are so many places you could go,” the places where he went to get food was at a church.

However, I have seen so many people that were not homeless and I think it’s not right for the people that fake being homeless for money.  The people that are really homeless need money more than the fake homeless people. There are also ways that homeless people can get jobs. In Anderson where most of the homeless people are is downtown or by interstate exits so they can get money from the people getting off the exits.

If you see anyone homeless give them ideas where they could stay and get food.

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