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Students interested in swimming classes

A popular class at the moment is the swimming class. Coached by Mr. Eddy, most people have taken swimming classes as a part of P.E. 2.

Coach Mr. Eddy standing outside his office.

Mr. Eddy talked about his career coaching swimming. “This will be my 38th year as a swim coach. I did seven years in Michigan and I’ve been in Anderson since 1993. I was a swimmer when I was a little kid, all the way through college. And I really liked the fact that I can help out younger people, and try to get them to be the best that they can be,” Mr. Eddy said.

When asked how to become a swimming coach, Mr. Eddy replied, “You have to do a lot of reading on new techniques and styles of coaching. You go to clinics that can help you become the best coach that you can be. Plus, you gotta be able to work with athletes and try to work with them to be the best that they can be.”

Although most take it in P.E. 2, you can also sign up for a whole year of swimming. 

Mr. Eddy told us the difference between P.E. w swimming and swimming class. “In P.E. 2 swimming class, we work with different strokes. We have three different levels: the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced.” 

In beginners class, the swimmers are taught how to swim. In the advanced level the swimmers are taught different and harder strokes and swimming movements, while the intermediate class is a mix of the two.

When asked about his goal for the swim class, Mr. Eddy said, “In swim fitness class, my goal is to keep people moving in the pool. It’s good for their physical well being, and their mental well being. It’s the 4th period class this year, so it’s kind of a break in the day where you can get in and move around, and just feel better about yourself in the pool,” Mr. Eddy said. 

Swim student Matthew Allison does a lap around the pool.

However, if you want to swim more, you can join the swim team.


Senior Cameron Dawson is a member of the swim team. When asked why he joined the swim team, he responded, “I joined the swim team in 8th grade because I was trying to lose weight and I had done cross country before. My sister had also done swimming before me.”

Dawson also says that being on the swim team is very different from being in a swimming class. “Swimming class is a lot more tame, and more for people who don’t know how to swim as well. The swim team is much more advanced. But even if you don’t know how to swim that well you can still join the swim team and we’ll all help you out. Swimming class is for a grade, swim team is not. It’s completely voluntary. It’s after school hours.”

Dawson says that, during swim practice, students swim many laps. “Coach Eddy has organized things with the strokes, speeds, styles,” Dawson said.

If you wish to join the swim team, just talk to Mr. Eddy about joining. The season starts in November.

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