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Dress code enforced more strictly this year

At Anderson High School the dress code is being strictly enforced, many students at Anderson High School think that the dress code should not be so strict. Everyday at Anderson high school students get dress-coded for wearing inappropriate clothes. The dress code for Anderson high school has been the same for years, but now administrators are focusing more heavily on violations.

Freshman Aliyah Fada said, “Dress code enforcement at Anderson High school is strict and they want us to follow the dress code but rules are rules and you have to follow them.’’ If you don’t follow this dress code then you will get in trouble.

A little bit of information about the dress code is that your pants can’t be pajama pants because it isn’t school appropriate attire. Your shirts have to cover your under arms, chest, and shoulders. If you wear a tank top you have to have a hoodie on, a lot of times when a teacher dress codes you about wearing a shirt that they can see your shoulders, then they will ask you to put a hoodie on and if you don’t have a hoodie then you will be asked to go to the dean’s office. A lot of people, especially girls, at Anderson high school don’t like the fact that they can’t wear pajamas or tank tops and the reason why you can’t wear that is a lot of times boys get distracted by their skin.

Fada acknowledges that there are some positive aspects of the dress code. “Following the dress code at Anderson High school helps create a respectful and inclusive environment,” Fada said. “By adhering to the dress code, we show our commitment to professionalism and unity.”

Fada estimates that at least 90% of students have been dress coded. Some examples of reasons why students receive dress code referrals are spaghetti straps, pajama pants, hats, sunglasses, sagging, or bandanas. 

What are the consequences for breaking the dress code? You have the option to change your clothes and  if you don’t want to change when they ask you to, You will be in ISS and will also get a referral for not changing.

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