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Anderson High School students perform Clue

Zaydia Porter, reporter May 21, 2024

Anderson High School's theatre performed Clue from April 26 to April 28. The play was about a group of high-class people who were all invited to a dinner at which they find out the host has blackmail...

Students build racecars for Anderson Speedway

Jayden "JK" Kulali, Reporter May 10, 2024

Freshman Gaige Hulett has a hobby that may seem unique to other students. Hulett builds cars for the races at Anderson Speedway on Saturdays in the summer. Many people in Anderson love to race and watch...

Freshmen plan to stop procrastinating 4th quarter

Zaydia Porter, reporter May 7, 2024

Freshmen at Anderson High School have new goals for this quarter. According to an anonymous poll of 25 freshmen at Anderson High School, most of the goals these students have to do with getting work done...

The Student Handbook Conflicts with Reality

The Student Handbook Conflicts with Reality

Leo Padilla, Reporter April 24, 2024

The student handbook lays out the rules and regulations of Anderson High School and it should be followed carefully. However, there have been many offenses that are supposed to be prohibited in the school,...

Ms Ferrin Bio teacher-new teacher profile

March 15, 2024

Quote-(being a new teacher it is challenging and rewarding always keep me engaged) Quote-(she is happy with her job and also improvement)  Quote-(ask the students she also enjoying them) Quote-(I...

Anderson Annihilation tournament showdown

Jayden "JK" Kulali, Reporter March 1, 2024

Esports teams from universities and schools around the state came to Anderson High School to play games and have fun during the first Anderson Annihilation Tournament. The tournament took place on January...

Student offers advice to stop vaping in schools

Drew Power February 23, 2024

  Freshman Landon Dowling feels that students shouldn't be vaping at such a young age. He said, "I think it is very bad for the health, and second hand smoke is very bad.” He goes on to say,...

Daily Tribecast (January 19, 2024)

Lily Abbott, Reporter January 19, 2024

Daily Tribecast (January 19, 2024)

Lily Abbott, Reporter January 19, 2024

Invincible review

Invincible review

Leo Padilla, Reporter December 12, 2023

Invincible is a superhero show adapted from a comic series with the same name that was created by Robert Kirkman. The show that was released in 2021 had very positive reviews and the current second season...

Veterans day program

Aliyah Fada, Reporter November 11, 2023

 Anderson High School has had a veterans day program and I will be telling you a bit about that. At AHS we like to honor our veterans were AHS’s choir will sing a song for our veterans and honor them....

Ginny and Georgia summary

October 6, 2023

Ginny and Georgia is a drama TV show that currently has two seasons. The first season came out in February 2022. The second season came out in January 2023. The series can be streamed on TVs and other...

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